PlayStation accounts for over 40% of TV ad spend from gaming brands in 2020

The numbers are there, and they are official: Sony PlayStation was the largest provider of gaming brands to TV ads in 2020, accounting for over 40% of total industry spending. A total of 34 brands spent about $ 270.8 million on TV ads, down 24% from last year. And although the PlayStation was number one. 1 for both 2019 and 2020, its 2020 budget is down 10.73% compared to brand spending in 2019.

GamesBeat has partnered with, a TV ad measurement and attribution platform that is constantly featured on TV, to provide you with a monthly report on gaming brands spending. The results below refer to the top 5 brands in the gaming industry in 2020 based on estimates of national TV ad spending.

PlayStation reigned supreme over the gaming industry’s TV spending, spending about $ 110.1 million in 2020, with most of it concentrated in the fourth quarter. The brand has been shown in 33 commercials over 12,000 times, generating 4.4 billion TV ad impressions. The leader in terms of spending (estimated at $ 14.1 million) was The Edge: Play Unlimited. About 22% of the PlayStation’s estimated spending went to NFL games, followed by American football and the NBA. The most popular by spending networks are ESPN, ABC and Adult Swim.

Xbox ranks third, spending roughly $ 25.4 million on 18 commercials that have aired more than 2,900 times, generating 1.2 billion TV ad impressions, with a significant chunk of spending in the fourth quarter of 2020. The leader in terms of costs (estimated at $ 7.2 million) was the Xbox. New Life promoting Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Gold Edition. Xbox spending is targeted at sports audiences: ESPN, Fox, and ABC are the top three networks, while the top programs include the NFL, American Football, and NBA.

Fourth place goes to Square Enix, which only ran ads from mid-August to early October, spending about $ 12.2 million. The brand has aired two commercials over 1,300 times, generating 430.7 million TV ad impressions. Most of Square Enix’s budget (about $ 10.8 million) went to Time to Build, promoting Marvel’s Avengers. NBA, college football and Family man were among the best cost programs; The most popular chains are ESPN, ABC and Adult Swim.

Rounding out the rankings is EA Sports, spending about $ 10.5 million on 16 commercials that have been shown over 1,500 times, generating 479 million TV ad views. Madden NFL 21 A New Era Feat. Spokesplayer, featuring King Keraun, was the most expensive – about $ 3 million. Unsurprisingly, EA focused on reaching out to sports enthusiasts, with leading programs including the NFL, college football, and the NBA, while ESPN, NFL Network, and ABC were among the top networks.

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